About Me

Who is Chelsea Schoenthaler?

10441175_1522320674648873_3949488261236910008_nHello everyone and welcome to my blog!!

My name is Chelsea Schoenthaler and currently, I am in my fourth year of university in the faculty of Education. I am one of those people who want to make a difference and encourage my own students to make a difference! How am I going to that you ask… I have no idea!

I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and I actually love it here! I have a mom and a dad as well as an older brother who gets on my nerves but I still love him.

All my life I have loved singing, I was in choir from grade two to grade 12. In that time, I also participated in three musicals and one play. As I get older, my new hobbies are photography and cinematography. I love playing around with my cameras and capturing moments in unique ways.