Assessment Philosophy

When I was a student, grades meant everything to me. I competed with my friends to see who got the highest mark and laughed at the ones who got the lowest mark. Report cards would be a show and tell so everyone was aware of each other’s grades. But what are grade really and why do they matter so much? What is the difference between 79% and 80%. There is none. As I continue down this path of education I am realizing marks do not mean a thing. They are just numbers. As I teacher all I hope for is for my students to succeed and a mark is not a good representation of that. I want to be able to collect evidence and observe what my students are learning. I want them to ask questions and wonder. I believe rubrics are the answer and thankfully many schools have already made this change. Rubrics can tell exactly where a student is and what they have to do to improve. The students receive feedback and then they are in control of their own learning. As long as my student continue to learn new things then I am one happy teacher.

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