Making Pasta… Success!

I started off this learning project with something easy. I made chicken alfredo! I have made pasta many times before but this time I wanted to find a healthier alternative to make as this is one of my favourite things to eat!

Pictures of my “Healthy” Chicken Alfredo






I know how to make pasta already so I started off by boiling some water and finding some pasta in my cupboard. Whole wheat pasta would probably be a better choice but unfortunately, I didn’t have any at home. The tricky part was finding a healthy alfredo sauce but thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe.


  • olive oil (a healthier fat, or you’re welcome to use butter for the flavor)
  • fresh garlic (a must!!)
  • flour (to thicken)
  • chicken broth (more flavorful than milk; you can also sub in veggie stock)
  • low-fat milk (you can use any milk, even soy)
  • Parmesan cheese (if you freshly grate it, it will be more flavorful

I also grilled up some chicken with olive oil and garlic. Then I mixed everything together and topped it all off with some parsley. The dish was pretty good. I don`t really think it wads that healthy but it tasted delicious so I didn`t mind!

So I think my first recipe was a success. I found it really easy to find a recipe online and the recipe itself was pretty easy! Can`t wait to find a new recipe for next week!


Feedly What?

I recently signed up for an account on Feedly! What’s Feedly? Well, it is a website that makes following blogs so much easier. You can search different types of blogs and then follow them. Then when you are you on the website you can see all of the latest posts from all of the blogs you follow. It honestly is fantastic!

At first,  I just followed a bunch of blogs that correspond with one of my classes that I’m taking, Education of Technology. Then I started searching for cooking blogs to find great recipes. For my learning project, I am learning how to cook so this was perfect! When I searched keywords like cooking or recipes, many blogs appeared. I only picked the ones that stood out for me! If they had a cute picture, I followed them. If they had a catching title, I followed them.  Also, there were many that focussed on healthy cooking so I followed those as well as that is my focus. Another category of blogs is photography. My whole life I have had a passion for photography so I thought having blogs to read about it would help me increase my ability! I followed a couple mostly based on their blog titles.

Here is what my Feedly account looks like so far but I cannot wait to follow more blogs!

This girl is going to learn how to…


Now you think a 21-year-old would know how to do such things but… I don’t. Sure I can make some Kraft dinner or some scrambled eggs but ask me to make a whole meal from scratch, now that would be a problem. Soon I will be living on my own and I would like to know how to make a couple meals. I know the basics like making pasta and I know how to fry chicken. I just do not really know how to make a complete and healthy meal. After researching on Pinterest I have found many healthy recipes that I can’t wait to try out!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to cook one meal a weak and post photos of the food I make. I am going to rate it on a five-point scale. I’m going to rate taste, health factor, how easy it was to make, and an overall rating. Maybe by the end, I’ll even video me making a meal or two! Anywho, I want to be a pro chef by the time I’m done! Wish me luck!

Chels and Her Technology

Hello, blog world! My name is Chelsea and I am a fourth-year education student. I have worked in technology sales for almost 6 years now. I love technology and have always been interested in photography and cinematography.

Over the past years I have been in a multitude of classrooms and although they all have technology in the room, there is so much more that could be done. Technology has grown so much and many classrooms aren’t taking full potential of it. Some classrooms are just using the projector to show videos and calling that their technology component. NOT my classroom! When I finally get my own classroom, I want to incorporate technology in as many ways as I can. That’s why I am taking this class to learn about new ways of teaching through technology. I know that I would love to have a blog for my classroom and even a youtube channel to show parents what we are up to! This creates relationships with the parents and gets them more involved. Also, my students should be involved, they could make their own videos and blog posts that contribute to their learning!

I want to be THAT teacher that goes over and beyond with technology. Mostly because I love it but also that is our world and these students should learn the ways of the world in a safe place.

Make sure to check out my twitter as I will retweet and post more about what I learn throughout this course!

Photo Credit: coreeducation Flickr via Compfight cc