Feedly What?

I recently signed up for an account on Feedly! What’s Feedly? Well, it is a website that makes following blogs so much easier. You can search different types of blogs and then follow them. Then when you are you on the website you can see all of the latest posts from all of the blogs you follow. It honestly is fantastic!

At first,  I just followed a bunch of blogs that correspond with one of my classes that I’m taking, Education of Technology. Then I started searching for cooking blogs to find great recipes. For my learning project, I am learning how to cook so this was perfect! When I searched keywords like cooking or recipes, many blogs appeared. I only picked the ones that stood out for me! If they had a cute picture, I followed them. If they had a catching title, I followed them.  Also, there were many that focussed on healthy cooking so I followed those as well as that is my focus. Another category of blogs is photography. My whole life I have had a passion for photography so I thought having blogs to read about it would help me increase my ability! I followed a couple mostly based on their blog titles.

Here is what my Feedly account looks like so far but I cannot wait to follow more blogs!


2 thoughts on “Feedly What?

  1. Hey Chelsea, I agree the power and potential of feedly is incredible and I often find myself wondering where it has been my whole life! I also think it is great to note what makes blogs stand out to people and why they follow the blogs that they do – cute picture, catchy title, etc. I also LOVE the looks of your blog the colors make it seem pretty calm to look at and read (I don’t know why). Great post!


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