Making Chicken from Scratch

I make lots of my meals with Chicken but I have always bought premade chicken. This time I bought some free-range chicken breasts and flavored and cooked them all by myself! I felt like I was actually adulting! Woo! I found this recipe online and this one included a video which was great! Having a video there was helpful but mostly just gave me reinsurance. I watched the video a couple times and because my creation looked similar, I knew I was doing something right! I found this recipe on Pinterest of course because I love Pinterest! I looked up healthy chicken recipes and this looked so good, the picture was so eye-catching. I already had all the ingredients so it was a done deal. The only problem was I couldn’t make a meal out of just chicken so I decided to steam up some rice and add some asparagus and I had myself a meal!


This my marinated chicken! Look at me go! This is garlic, honey, butter, and some dijon mustard! I also added lots of pepper for flavour. I can honestly say that I’ve never really eaten honey or dijon mustard before. I am more of a plain girl but this was delicious! The chicken had flavour and was so juicy!




This was the finished product that I made for my mom and dad as well as myself! They loved it, I loved it, it was a win-win. This is a recipe that I will definitely be trying again!


What is Digital Citizenship???

Digital Citizenship is defined as the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community. In today’s society is technology is everything! We use it every day and in so many ways. And with all this technology we need to teach our students the proper ways to use it. Not every site is a few sites and not everyone on the internet is a good person. People can really get themselves in a lot of trouble even when they are not looking for it. Our students will already have a technology footprint even if they are as young as Kindergarten. Parents pst pictures about their children, some children even have their own Instagram or Snapchats accounts or use their parents. Many children have their own Ipads even so it is something that cannot be ignored. I have my fair share of experience with being bullied online so as a teacher I want to avoid that for my students. They need to put only good things on the internet because you never know who might see it. On Facebook, we could go over privacy centers to avoid the creeps. There is so much to teach these students but whether it is the curriculum or not it doesn’t matter. This is their life we are talking about and this subject shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Healthy Doesn’t Always Taste Good

This week I attempted to make avocado egg salad. I love egg salad and I also love avocado so when I came across a recipe to combine the two on Pinterest I was excited. 

Eggsalad is something that I make all the time and I thought this would be a healthier way to do so but I still added mayonnaise so was it really that healthy? I followed the recipe exactly and it just did not taste good at all. Big disappointment for me! Here is what it looked like in the end…

Trying a Twitter Chat!

This week I tried a twitter chat for the first time! It was a Tuesday evening and I participated in the #edchat. I believe this is a Canada based chat and it has a new topic each week and hundreds of other teachers or professionals participate. It all happened so fast! I could barely see the questions being answered but the nice part was the person sent them in picture format so I was able to save it and that way it wouldn’t get lost and I had time to respond. At times I didn’t even see the question so I would just tweet about something relating to the topic or just the participation of the ed chat. I was able to comment on other people’s tweet and I was able to gain many resources and new followers! Would definitely participate again!