Making Chicken from Scratch

I make lots of my meals with Chicken but I have always bought premade chicken. This time I bought some free-range chicken breasts and flavored and cooked them all by myself! I felt like I was actually adulting! Woo! I found this recipe online and this one included a video which was great! Having a video there was helpful but mostly just gave me reinsurance. I watched the video a couple times and because my creation looked similar, I knew I was doing something right! I found this recipe on Pinterest of course because I love Pinterest! I looked up healthy chicken recipes and this looked so good, the picture was so eye-catching. I already had all the ingredients so it was a done deal. The only problem was I couldn’t make a meal out of just chicken so I decided to steam up some rice and add some asparagus and I had myself a meal!


This my marinated chicken! Look at me go! This is garlic, honey, butter, and some dijon mustard! I also added lots of pepper for flavour. I can honestly say that I’ve never really eaten honey or dijon mustard before. I am more of a plain girl but this was delicious! The chicken had flavour and was so juicy!




This was the finished product that I made for my mom and dad as well as myself! They loved it, I loved it, it was a win-win. This is a recipe that I will definitely be trying again!


2 thoughts on “Making Chicken from Scratch

  1. Chelsea, cooking is such a good skill to have and cooking healthy meals is wonderful! I don’t know about you but I love cooking it seems to really calm me down while doing it and I mean you get to eat the end product… so worth it! I really need to work on pushing myself out of my comfort zone when making food when I am missing out on so many recipes like this! Great learning project, something very useful and you need to eat everyday so easy for the time purposes.


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