Hour of Code

Click here to see me try to code! I tried coding on the hour of code website and I was of course, going to try the Frozen one! It is not as easy as it looks, how does one know about many pixels you need to go. I am pretty sure it is always in 100 increments but that may change on the higher levels. It is a bit tricky but I think it will challenge students as well as be fun for them. This is a great thing for students as it challenges them and encourages them to think deeper.



Trying PowToon

I tried out the program PowToon for the first time. May profs have used videos made by them so I thought I would try to make a video of my own. It is so great! There is so much to do to create a mini-movie. You can animate little people and add speech bubbles to create spectacular things. You create different scenes and essentially just have people talking and movie to create a story. This would be great in the classroom because it is fairly straightforward and easy to use. Students could sum up a story or present their facts about research that they did. So many options! Some of the weaknesses are that the app does not allow for sound other than music. For learners who find it difficult to type or put what they know in sentence form would find this tricky. It would be cool if they could do a voiceover for the video. There are also very limited movements for the characters to do. Other than that this program is great and I will for sure use this with my students one day.

Stir Fry Madness

This week instead of searching the internet, I tried searching my fridge instead to get inspired! We had some leftover turkey so I thought what could I make with this. Then I searched the internet and saw a delicious stir-fry. Perfect! I had some noodles in my cupboard. I didn’t follow a particular recipe, I found some vegetables in my fridge and away I went. The stir-fry turned out so good and I was so glad this came up on google!


Passover Food?

This week I decided to take a break from cooking and bake something that was totally out of my comfort zone. My friend quit his job and so for his last day I wanted to bake him a little something. The only thing was that he is Jewish and it was during the time of Passover. Honestly, I do not know much about Passover so I had to research what it was and what types of food my friend could not eat. I found out he could not have any wheat or flour so this caused a problem as most things have flour in it.



I love everything with flour so finding something that looked good without flour was quite difficult. Then I came across this chocolate thing and who doesn’t like chocolate! I wish I had the recipe but somehow I lost it somewhere in the WWW. Basically, it was mostly milk, eggs, cocoa, and brewed coffee. The texture was so weird.  I ended up putting them in mini cupcake trays and baked them for a few minutes. The first batch looked funny so I decided to keep the second batch in for a bit longer. They still looked weird but better. They actually tasted pretty good though. Exactly like brownies but probably with way fewer calories. So this was a win for me!

Typing my Name into Google

Here we go! This class is all about making sure you have a positive internet presence so I searched my name on google hoping that was the case.

So far so good! The things that come up are my twitter, my current blog as well as my blog from high school and my Pinterest account. All of those accounts are pretty professional so that is alright that they come up. Another thing that came up was my nanny account which I do not use. I started that account to become a nanny but never actually did anything with it so it doesn’t really represent me. Hopefully, once I close that account, that will disappear. Another thing that bugs me is my Grandma’s obituary that always comes up. It is nothing bad but I wish that when people searched my name they didn’t know about that, it is pretty personal but unfortunately I cannot do too much about it. Then I clicked page two and the only thing there that was actually about me was that I donated to the Cancer Society so that’s good. Other than that nothing else comes up about me. That’s one thing that is good about having a strange last name. Most of the stuff is actually about you and not some other person with my name doing things they shouldn’t be doing 🙂