Have I contributed…

Honestly, I can say that I could have done a lot better. I could have liked more tweets and commented on more blogs. I could have helped people so much more as I actually do know a quite about technology. In Google plus I tried but by the time I saw the question it had already been answered. Our class was awesome and always helped out each other if they could! I tried to comment on other blogs as well but I was so focused on my own and trying to get them all done that I didn’t comment on too many. If I only had this one class I would have done better, This semester was tough for me and I was concentrating on all my others classes I found it hard to find time for this one. Nonetheless, I tried and here is some evidence of me contributing…  


I am sure there is more but these are the screenshots I took and I really do wish I helped out my peers more!



These beautiful Hydrangeas are in my home. My mom brought them home one day and they instantly made me think of my Grandma as she used to have these planted in her backyard. I loved taking a closeup picture because it really allowed me to see the true colours. When I looked at them from afar I saw mostly a bright pink but close up there is some purple and some lighter pink as well.

Finally Done

Okay so cooking was a lot harder than I anticipated. I love blogging and I love being in the kitchen but during a stressful semester it wasn’t easy. I didn’t blog every week but I really tried. I found it so hard to find time to actually cook let alone blog about it. In the end, I did find some great recipes and I learned some things and now that I m finished school I can’t wait to better my learning as I will hopefully be leaving the nest soon.


Here is a little video I made, to sum up my experience! Hope you enjoy!