Visiting the Royal Saskatchewan Museum


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Recently I got the opportunity to visit the Royal Saskatchewan Museum with my ESST (Social Studies) and ECS (Education Core Studies) class. Like many other students, I have visited this museum many times and year after year I was looking at the same things and answering some questions on a piece of paper. I was excited the first and second time but as I grew older, the museum was no longer exciting and different. It was just something that we HAD to do in certain grades all throughout elementary school.

This time around, I felt differently toward the museum. I had a new found respect for what I was seeing. I was seeing all the same things that I have seen many time before but this time we were treated as adults and I could now relate some of the displays to what we have been learning in school. For the last three years of University I have been learning all about First Nations and their way of life as well as their dreadful history. When walking through the First Nations exhibit I saw one display that made me happy.


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This isn’t the best picture but this exhibit shows the First Nations living their life before the Europeans came to Canada. The artwork was beautiful and everything was so detailed. The First Nations were surviving on their own and they looked happy. An elder or grandfather was telling stories to young children and it was so cute to see. It breaks my heart to know that in time their way of life is  going to be stripped from them . In my younger years I would have seen this display as people who used to live in Canada and were no longer around. With what I have learned, I see it in a whole other perspective.

There were other exhibits that displayed their bead work and their traditional outfits and it was so stunning to see. I appreciated everything I saw in this exhibit and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go.


First Day


After Ruth Pawson, Tristan and I traveled to McDermid school to spend our afternoon with our pre-k. As soon as we walked through the door, I noticed a change of dynamic. This school is a community school and it isn’t hard to tell. From the staff room to the gym, it was very different from Ruth Pawson. It was still a very nice school but it was definitely different.I noticed a big Medicine Wheel in the hallway and a big poster talking about reconciliation which was very nice to see.

After walking around the school, it was then time to meet the little fellows! The children came rushing in and looked very excited to be there. All the students were so adorable and all so diverse. They knew exactly where their lockers were and put all their stuff away and then they sat at the tables for table top time. There were many different types of activities on the tables that helped their fine motor skills as well as their exploration through sensory.

Next we all went and sat on the carpet for circle time and talked about the plans for the day. And of course sang some songs and danced. The rest of the day consisted of some reading and having the children play and just observing them. The students also went out by groups of 3 or 4 for gross motor. In this time the children would go to the lunch room and practice jumping and different types of walking as well as dribbling and passing a ball. This is when I really noticed how every child is at a different development stage. Some children could to all the activities flawlessly and some struggled a great deal. The teacher that does this with them said that all the children will be able to do all the different skills by the end of the year. I can’t wait to see all these wonderful kids develop and grow as tiny humans!


First Day

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As many other third-year education students on their first day of pre-internship… I was nervous and scared and anxious but also very excited!!! As I arrived at the school, I got even more excited. I found my way to the office and my co-op teacher met me there as well as Tristan who is my partner for this pre-internship. We first had a tour of the school and I was impressed. It is a very nice school and the staff seemed very kind as well!

Next, we went to our classroom (pictures above) and I absolutely loved it! It is so fun and colourful and so many tools and resources to help these little minds grow. Our co-op teacher then went outside to do supervision and Tristan and I stayed behind and helped the classroom helper get ready for the day.

Now it was time to meet the students. They all came rushing in eager to start their day! They all were so cute and very curious of who these people were just standing in their classroom. We didn’t say much of who we were because we had a whole lesson on introducing ourselves. They carried on with their morning activity. That included what day of the week it was and what day it was. They also crossed out what day of school it was on a 100 chart. The teacher then went on to talk about the weather and the two leaders of the day got to dress the bear suitable for outside. It was really cute and the students had fun doing it!

It was now my time to introduce myself. They were already sitting on the rug for circle time so it was a perfect time to do so. I had big cards that had different pictures from my family to my first day of kindergarten and also my hobbies. I think they really enjoyed it as they liked the pictures and already had so much to share about their own lives. Then Tristan introduced herself and the students were very engaged with her activity.

The students then introduced themselves to us. We had a die that had a different question on each side. Each student stated their name then rolled the dice. We did have to read the question as they do not read quite yet. Each child answered (except one) and we already felt closer to the students.

The rest of the day, we just helped out around the classroom and assisted students in any way that we could. Then it was lunch and we ate with the other teachers in the staff. Boy , was that an experience! Then off we went to do this all over again at a different school. Stay tuned!