Trip to McLurg


With my Arts Education class, we got the chance to go to a Kindergarten class at McLurg. This was an experience I will never forget! First off this classroom was huge, it was a lot bigger than the Kindergarten class that I was in for my pre-internship. I learned that this classroom was originally two separate classrooms but the teachers decided to team teach. They had a garage door separating the classrooms so all they had to do was lift up the door and woola! There were 30+ plus children in this classroom but they made it work. They had sections on the carpet so every student knew where to sit. When doing centers, each student moves after a certain amount of time. They knew how to handle a big class and they made team teaching very effective. So why did we go see this classroom?

So why did we go see this classroom? Well, one of the teachers was an art major and she decided to teach her Kindergarten class about different artists from around the world. I thought that was crazy, there was no way that these little children remembered these artists or actually learned anything. I was proven wrong. Every morning they have circle time on the carpet and they teach children the artist name like Pablo Picasso and they teach them about what kind of art they do as well as personal facts about the artist. When they asked the students to name an artist that they have learned, many of the students had answers. They remembered the names as well as most of the facts. This was incredible to see. I was teaching Kindergarten at the time but I was there only once a week so I didn’t get to experience the students recalling much information.

The teachers would also get the students to do an art piece that was like the artist that they were learning that week. When we were there we had to help them make a Picasso. In the picture above is Sarah and she was the little girl that I got to work with. We created that piece together, I did one side and she did the other. What was really neat about my experience is that some of the children do not think they are good at art but their teachers always reinforce that anyone can be an artist!

Visiting the Royal Saskatchewan Museum


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Recently I got the opportunity to visit the Royal Saskatchewan Museum with my ESST (Social Studies) and ECS (Education Core Studies) class. Like many other students, I have visited this museum many times and year after year I was looking at the same things and answering some questions on a piece of paper. I was excited the first and second time but as I grew older, the museum was no longer exciting and different. It was just something that we HAD to do in certain grades all throughout elementary school.

This time around, I felt differently toward the museum. I had a new found respect for what I was seeing. I was seeing all the same things that I have seen many time before but this time we were treated as adults and I could now relate some of the displays to what we have been learning in school. For the last three years of University I have been learning all about First Nations and their way of life as well as their dreadful history. When walking through the First Nations exhibit I saw one display that made me happy.


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This isn’t the best picture but this exhibit shows the First Nations living their life before the Europeans came to Canada. The artwork was beautiful and everything was so detailed. The First Nations were surviving on their own and they looked happy. An elder or grandfather was telling stories to young children and it was so cute to see. It breaks my heart to know that in time their way of life is  going to be stripped from them . In my younger years I would have seen this display as people who used to live in Canada and were no longer around. With what I have learned, I see it in a whole other perspective.

There were other exhibits that displayed their bead work and their traditional outfits and it was so stunning to see. I appreciated everything I saw in this exhibit and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go.