Finally Done

Okay so cooking was a lot harder than I anticipated. I love blogging and I love being in the kitchen but during a stressful semester it wasn’t easy. I didn’t blog every week but I really tried. I found it so hard to find time to actually cook let alone blog about it. In the end, I did find some great recipes and I learned some things and now that I m finished school I can’t wait to better my learning as I will hopefully be leaving the nest soon.


Here is a little video I made, to sum up my experience! Hope you enjoy!


Stir Fry Madness

This week instead of searching the internet, I tried searching my fridge instead to get inspired! We had some leftover turkey so I thought what could I make with this. Then I searched the internet and saw a delicious stir-fry. Perfect! I had some noodles in my cupboard. I didn’t follow a particular recipe, I found some vegetables in my fridge and away I went. The stir-fry turned out so good and I was so glad this came up on google!


Passover Food?

This week I decided to take a break from cooking and bake something that was totally out of my comfort zone. My friend quit his job and so for his last day I wanted to bake him a little something. The only thing was that he is Jewish and it was during the time of Passover. Honestly, I do not know much about Passover so I had to research what it was and what types of food my friend could not eat. I found out he could not have any wheat or flour so this caused a problem as most things have flour in it.


I love everything with flour so finding something that looked good without flour was quite difficult. Then I came across this chocolate thing and who doesn’t like chocolate! I wish I had the recipe but somehow I lost it somewhere in the WWW. Basically, it was mostly milk, eggs, cocoa, and brewed coffee. The texture was so weird.  I ended up putting them in mini cupcake trays and baked them for a few minutes. The first batch looked funny so I decided to keep the second batch in for a bit longer. They still looked weird but better. They actually tasted pretty good though. Exactly like brownies but probably with way fewer calories. So this was a win for me!

Making Chicken from Scratch

I make lots of my meals with Chicken but I have always bought premade chicken. This time I bought some free-range chicken breasts and flavored and cooked them all by myself! I felt like I was actually adulting! Woo! I found this recipe online and this one included a video which was great! Having a video there was helpful but mostly just gave me reinsurance. I watched the video a couple times and because my creation looked similar, I knew I was doing something right! I found this recipe on Pinterest of course because I love Pinterest! I looked up healthy chicken recipes and this looked so good, the picture was so eye-catching. I already had all the ingredients so it was a done deal. The only problem was I couldn’t make a meal out of just chicken so I decided to steam up some rice and add some asparagus and I had myself a meal!


This my marinated chicken! Look at me go! This is garlic, honey, butter, and some dijon mustard! I also added lots of pepper for flavour. I can honestly say that I’ve never really eaten honey or dijon mustard before. I am more of a plain girl but this was delicious! The chicken had flavour and was so juicy!




This was the finished product that I made for my mom and dad as well as myself! They loved it, I loved it, it was a win-win. This is a recipe that I will definitely be trying again!

Healthy Doesn’t Always Taste Good

This week I attempted to make avocado egg salad. I love egg salad and I also love avocado so when I came across a recipe to combine the two on Pinterest I was excited. 

Eggsalad is something that I make all the time and I thought this would be a healthier way to do so but I still added mayonnaise so was it really that healthy? I followed the recipe exactly and it just did not taste good at all. Big disappointment for me! Here is what it looked like in the end…

Making Pasta… Success!

I started off this learning project with something easy. I made chicken alfredo! I have made pasta many times before but this time I wanted to find a healthier alternative to make as this is one of my favourite things to eat!

Pictures of my “Healthy” Chicken Alfredo






I know how to make pasta already so I started off by boiling some water and finding some pasta in my cupboard. Whole wheat pasta would probably be a better choice but unfortunately, I didn’t have any at home. The tricky part was finding a healthy alfredo sauce but thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe.


  • olive oil (a healthier fat, or you’re welcome to use butter for the flavor)
  • fresh garlic (a must!!)
  • flour (to thicken)
  • chicken broth (more flavorful than milk; you can also sub in veggie stock)
  • low-fat milk (you can use any milk, even soy)
  • Parmesan cheese (if you freshly grate it, it will be more flavorful

I also grilled up some chicken with olive oil and garlic. Then I mixed everything together and topped it all off with some parsley. The dish was pretty good. I don`t really think it wads that healthy but it tasted delicious so I didn`t mind!

So I think my first recipe was a success. I found it really easy to find a recipe online and the recipe itself was pretty easy! Can`t wait to find a new recipe for next week!

This girl is going to learn how to…


Now you think a 21-year-old would know how to do such things but… I don’t. Sure I can make some Kraft dinner or some scrambled eggs but ask me to make a whole meal from scratch, now that would be a problem. Soon I will be living on my own and I would like to know how to make a couple meals. I know the basics like making pasta and I know how to fry chicken. I just do not really know how to make a complete and healthy meal. After researching on Pinterest I have found many healthy recipes that I can’t wait to try out!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to cook one meal a weak and post photos of the food I make. I am going to rate it on a five-point scale. I’m going to rate taste, health factor, how easy it was to make, and an overall rating. Maybe by the end, I’ll even video me making a meal or two! Anywho, I want to be a pro chef by the time I’m done! Wish me luck!