First Day


After Ruth Pawson, Tristan and I traveled to McDermid school to spend our afternoon with our pre-k. As soon as we walked through the door, I noticed a change of dynamic. This school is a community school and it isn’t hard to tell. From the staff room to the gym, it was very different from Ruth Pawson. It was still a very nice school but it was definitely different.I noticed a big Medicine Wheel in the hallway and a big poster talking about reconciliation which was very nice to see.

After walking around the school, it was then time to meet the little fellows! The children came rushing in and looked very excited to be there. All the students were so adorable and all so diverse. They knew exactly where their lockers were and put all their stuff away and then they sat at the tables for table top time. There were many different types of activities on the tables that helped their fine motor skills as well as their exploration through sensory.

Next we all went and sat on the carpet for circle time and talked about the plans for the day. And of course sang some songs and danced. The rest of the day consisted of some reading and having the children play and just observing them. The students also went out by groups of 3 or 4 for gross motor. In this time the children would go to the lunch room and practice jumping and different types of walking as well as dribbling and passing a ball. This is when I really noticed how every child is at a different development stage. Some children could to all the activities flawlessly and some struggled a great deal. The teacher that does this with them said that all the children will be able to do all the different skills by the end of the year. I can’t wait to see all these wonderful kids develop and grow as tiny humans!