The Pumpkin Investigation


This was the first lesson I have ever taught and was it a success? Well, I guess we will have to find out. I was asked to do a lesson with the theme Halloween. I wanted it to be very educational so I decided to focus on the characteristics of a pumpkin. I was very prepared as I brought my pumpkin and came earlier to write on the paper above. I went through each question and asked the students their predictions. To remember their names, I wrote their names beside their answers. I only got a few names wrong. After the sheet was all filled out we found out the answers together. It was very interactive and I think the students really enjoyed it. The only issue I had was I didn’t put enough water in the water table so the pumpkin didn’t float like it was meant to. Thankfully my co-op teacher had smaller pumpkins and they floated. Overall the lesson went well and hopefully the students learned some things.